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I've been recording since the early to mid-80's, starting with a StudioMaster 4-track cassette. I love making everything from simple rock songs to experimental soundscapes. Blind Mime Ensemble is the name under which I release music. I collaborate with other experimental artists at -- join us if you like. You can see my studio by viewing the pics in my photo gallery here. It's pretty simple.

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Prior Squirm

album: Elementary Penguins
Composer(s): music by BF Baker
Credits: Bryan Baker: acoustic guitar, toy xylophone, toy saxophone

I have a collection of instrument odds and ends in a little cubicle below my recording desk. Egg shakers, various toy instruments, etc. I threw this together one day, quickly, starting with the acoustic guitar. Playing around with harmonics. Then I added the toy xylophone and rounded it off with a little toy sax at the end. 

I know it's fairly odd, but I kind a like it.

genre: Instrumental
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Prior Squirm