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This section is devoted to home recording equipment news and reviews.

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Home Recording Studio Advice: Buying your first microphone (a pro's perspective)

Category: Howto
Duration: 00:09:53
Description: Ronan Chris Murphy shares a professional perspective on choosing the right microphone for your home studio. He also makes some Mic recommendations including the Shure SM57, Shure KSM32 and the MXL V67.

This episode is gear towards beginners with Home Studio

Ronan's Recording Show is an internet based "TV Show" celebrating all things cool about recording, hosted by world renown record producer mixer and recording engineer, Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Ulver, Jamie Walters, Steve Morse, Tony Levin, Terry Bozzio, Nels Cline, Steve Stevens, Pete Teo, Joan LaBarbara, Chucho Valdez...)

Ronan also runs a series of recording workshops called Home Recording Boot Camp