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About Homemade Music

By: Bryan Baker
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About Homemade Music

Homemade Music was started by GAJOOB Magazine's Bryan Baker in 1999 and has taken a few twists and turns over the years, evolving into a newly reborn technical resource for home recording artists, while pursuing a DiY handmade artistic ethic when it comes to being a voice and a champion for everyone expressing a more artistic vision of their own making. 

So you'll find resources for learning playing and recording techniques and all about the craft of home recording. You can follow channels and keep up with new videos and blogs and join us in the Homemade Music Forums for freewheeling discussions.

But we also explore things like DiY culture where artists create short-run, handmade music on cassette, CDr and other media. Chapbooks and zines too. We talk about vlogs and other media -- anything where artists are found expressing an artistic vision matters to us.

Homemade Music Records releases its own kind of art on handmade media. You're welcome to share your work in the forum where we consider all kinds of music for future release on our special collections.


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