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How the 1990s Changed Recording and Music Production Forever

The 1980s saw recording technology becoming more compact and cheaper to mass produce, kicking off a home recording revolution with cassette tape that would continue into the 1990s.

Tascam’s popular cassette-based Portastudio became increasing popular in the 1990s. While the Portastudio is now a digital recorder, its 1990s tape incarnation would spawn imitations from countless competitors. The low-quality recordings helped these machines enjoy recognition by way of a "lo-fi" aesthetic popularized by indie rock acts like Pavement, Olivia Tremor Control, and Elliott Smith.


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By Bryan Baker, 2014-09-06 has a great selection of guitar parts you need to put together your own guitar. They also have complete guitars at low prices. Seems like a cool place to learn about building your own guitars. Check out the kits to get started.

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Tate publishes Audio Arts, 245 hours of material featuring 1,640 interview contributions

It was announced today that all the issues of the seminal magazine, Audio Arts have been made available digitally, for the first time, on Tate website. This unique publication, originally distributed via cassette tape and edited by the artist William (Bill) Furlong from 1972 to 2004, comprises 245 hours of rich material featuring over 1,640 interviews with artists, critics and art world figures. It provides an invaluable resource and fascinating insight into the art world over forty years.Audio Arts is now available to the public at

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