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This section collects videos, articles and more about learning about home recording technique.

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Category: Music
Duration: 00:10:59
How I made the beat for "Money" by Ludacris and Rick Ross on the Ludaversal and Burning Bridges albums.

Download the beat here: http://goo.gl/890vcF

(dj pain 1 re-creates money by ludacris & rick ross)
Category: Entertainment
Duration: 00:20:38
Studio Tour - How To Build A Home Studio

In this video I explain how I turned a normal spare bedroom into a professional grade home recording studio and creative space. I give a detailed run down of all the equipment I use and why I use it.

To try to keep the video short I could only give a brief overview of my studio, but I have written up a complete overview of my home studio including technical specs and links to each item. You can see the entire write up here: http://myinstrumentals.com/studio-tour-how-to-build-a-home-studio/


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Category: Music
Duration: 00:19:42
This video shows some of the methods and materials that can be used to sound proof a home recording studio, theater, or any room.
Category: Music
Duration: 00:18:52
A detailed overview of what you need to record at home. Computer, DAW, Interface, Midi controller, Studio monitors, connecting a T.V and outboard compressor. How to set up a home recording studio - The detailed version to start recording at home now. Quick setup hereHow to set up a home recording studio - The basics needed to start recording at home now

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Category: Music
Duration: 00:10:34
Here is my tutorial of Everyday Looper, coolest musical application on iPhone.
I have described all the functions you can benefit in the 1.1 version.
I've tried to perform it, in an entertaining and funky way, keeping being clear in my explanations.
To finish, I have applied all the functions in a Demo.
Here is the framework:
- Playing Control
- First Loop
- Quantize
- Merge
- The Demo

So hope you enjoy !
See ya !