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In this section we feature videos of interest to home recording artists.

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Category: Education
Duration: 00:08:02
In this video I answer the question:
"Can I mix on my home stereo/headphones or do I really NEED a proper set of studio monitors?"
Category: Howto
Duration: 00:03:56
Acoustic Guitar contributing editor Doug Young demonstrates various home recording setups and techniques, including mic positions, setting levels, tracking, editing, and more. For the full article, please check out "Stay at Home" in the digital edition of the May 2013 issue at
Category: Howto
Duration: 00:03:56
This video talks about having a USB mixer in your home studio. Do you need it? Should you use it? What can you do with it? etc...
Category: Howto
Duration: 00:03:56
Category: Howto
Duration: 00:03:56
Category: Music
Duration: 00:09:01
I've had several requests for a studio walkthrough and I've even attempted a couple in the past, but a quick once-over just didn't seem to capture it completely. Instead, I recorded this video walkthrough, and then went in-depth in a series of articles on my website:

This video covers all of my primary components, including:

Jackson guitars
LTD EC-1000
Ibanez SR-305
Ovation GC057M
Focusrite 18i20
Focusrite 2i4
Line 6 HD500X
Line 6 HD Pro
Korg padKontrol
M-Audio Oxygen 25
Rode NT-1
CAD VocalShield (VS1)
Roland V-Drums TD-11K-S

I also talk about my Auralex acoustic treatment, recording software, monitoring, and a few other gadgets that have made their way into my home studio.

Oh, and there's also a quick update on Jamnatomy. Anywho, enough rambling. Enjoy!

Background music written & recorded by me (unreleased material)
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