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In this section we feature videos of interest to home recording artists.

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Home Studio Tour (2015) - Chad Grooms (CGi)

Category: Music
Duration: 00:09:01
I've had several requests for a studio walkthrough and I've even attempted a couple in the past, but a quick once-over just didn't seem to capture it completely. Instead, I recorded this video walkthrough, and then went in-depth in a series of articles on my website:

This video covers all of my primary components, including:

Jackson guitars
LTD EC-1000
Ibanez SR-305
Ovation GC057M
Focusrite 18i20
Focusrite 2i4
Line 6 HD500X
Line 6 HD Pro
Korg padKontrol
M-Audio Oxygen 25
Rode NT-1
CAD VocalShield (VS1)
Roland V-Drums TD-11K-S

I also talk about my Auralex acoustic treatment, recording software, monitoring, and a few other gadgets that have made their way into my home studio.

Oh, and there's also a quick update on Jamnatomy. Anywho, enough rambling. Enjoy!

Background music written & recorded by me (unreleased material)