homemademusic.com is a website by GAJOOB Magazine‘s Bryan Baker about home recording arts and crafts. It’s a rambling combination of blog and vlog; but rather than tell you what it is I suggest you bookmark and follow along if what you see interests you.

The site has existed since 1999, but I erased everything and started over in May 2022. What you can expect early on are posts about my studio, equipment, projects (including ones you can join) and discussions with other artists whose primary creative space is a home studio of some kind.

Stick around. Let’s have some fun.

Home Recording Tags

As this website evolves, you’ll find pages about the usual home recording topics from my own personal experience of exploring music in my own home studio which has gone from recording on a portable reel recording unit I got for Christmas as a child to its current state you see in the photo above.

I’ve numbered items in my studio according to the home recording topics outlined in the table below:

1. Mixers & Effects2. DAW Control Surfaces3. Wavetable Synthesis
4. Boutique Gear5. Vocal Synthesis6. Workstations
7. Expansions, Looping, Sampling8. Software Instruments9. DAW-less Workflows
10. Audio Interfaces11. Studio Furniture12. Podcasting
13. Headphones & Monitors14. Video and Photography15. Graphic Arts
16. Computers17. Reviews & Discussions18. Industry
19. Guitars, Bass, etc.20. Vocals, Mics, etc.21. Performing

Mixers & Effects

Mixers play a different role in most home studios than they have traditionally played. Even calling them “mixers” should possibly be revisited. For artists recording solo, more often than not mixers serve as a hub for outboard instruments and may never mix them. Many recording artists bypass adding a mixer to their studio gear entirely — I’ve gone my share of years without one for long stretches.

Modern mixers often come loaded with more than adequate multi-effects options and we’ll explore the world of effects processors both as DAW plugins and as outboard gear. I’ve abused my fair share of both.

Vocal Synthesis

I’ve always been drawn to vocal synthesis and have used it in my recordings since my early 4-track days; as far back as tracks recorded on my first 4-track Studiomaster deck. When the Casio CS1000V was released recently I had to see what it had to offer and I’ll be featuring many new tracks and exploring this in deep dives coming soon.

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