Akai Pro Unveils Revolutionary MPC Stems Technology

In a significant advancement in music production technology, Akai Professional has announced the release of MPC Stems, an innovative audio extraction tool now available in the MPC Desktop Software. This groundbreaking feature marks a monumental leap forward in sampling capabilities, offering music producers and beatmakers an unprecedented level of creativity and precision.

MPC Stems harnesses the power of zPlane’s stem separation engine, renowned for its superior sound quality and minimal artifacts. This technology enables users to isolate bass, drum, vocal, and other musical elements from mixed audio tracks, opening up new possibilities for sampling and remixing.

The integration of MPC Stems into the MPC Desktop Software simplifies the process of creating and manipulating samples. Users can select the “Create Stems” option and choose which layers they wish to extract. Each stem can then be assigned to pads within the software, allowing for intuitive and flexible control over the isolated elements. Furthermore, sample slices can be assigned to different pads, enabling producers to isolate specific parts of the original track for detailed editing.

Adjustments to volume, pitch, and pan levels can be made individually for each stem or across all four layers, granting users complete control over their sound. Additionally, the audio can be cropped on an individual or global basis, facilitating precise editing and manipulation of the extracted stems.

Currently, MPC Stems is only operational within the desktop version of the MPC Software but is fully supported when using compatible MPC hardware in Controller mode. This includes the MPC Live Series, MPC One, MPC One +, MPC X, MPC Xse, MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, and MPC Studio Mk2. For those wishing to use their stems in standalone mode, the stems must first be created in the desktop software and then accessed by opening the saved project on the standalone hardware.

Akai Pro’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by the decision to make MPC Stems a paid upgrade, available for a one-time fee of $10 through the MPC Store. This minor investment unlocks a world of creative potential, making it a valuable addition for any producer looking to expand their toolkit. The update requires users to have installed the 2.14 software/firmware update, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with current systems.

As music production continues to evolve, tools like MPC Stems represent the cutting edge of technological advancement, providing musicians with the means to push creative boundaries and explore new sonic territories. With this latest release, Akai Professional reaffirms its position as a leader in music technology, offering producers around the globe an enhanced platform for creativity and innovation.





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