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BenoniStudio makes content about, pro audio, pro video, mixing, editing, recording, tips/tricks, DAW's, plugins, reviews, demos, tutorials, and more. I upload videos constantly, 4-15+ videos a month. I like to edit in a different way to present a fresh, unique, non-sterilized, modern take on the content I cover. Specific things covered on this channel are, Pro Tools, Media Composer, Avid Eleven Rack, and all kinds of plugins. Not to mention, audio interfaces, editing tips, music production, video production, guitar, and anything else I think is interesting and enlightening. You come here to get the answers you need. ART IS EVERYTHING -Brian Benoni

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DaVinci Resolve - Green Screen/Chroma Key (Two Methods COLOR & FUSION)

Everything you need to know to Chroma Key (remove green screen) in DaVinci Resolve, using either the Color page or Fusion page. #DaVinciResolve ...
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