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Hello, I'm Bryan Baker. I flirted with music and recording when I was a kid. Experimenting with portable reel-to-reel recorders, then doing 8-track collages and silly kid stuff. Got my first 4-track in college and soon after found Option Magazine around 1983. A few years later I started publishing a zine called GAJOOB featuring home recording artists. I never talked much about my own recordings in the zine, but I like making everything from rock songs to crazy sound experiments. I do a lot of the latter at I'm just getting into Logic Pro now and still exploring and having fun. Hit me up for a collaboration or something. You'll find me on Apple Music and elsewhere as Blind Mime Ensemble. 

MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, iOS apps, lots of soft synths, Korg Wavestate, Arturia Microfreak, Native Instruments Komplete Collectors License, Burns London Steer electric guitar, StingRay Classic Ray24 Bass, Yamaha acoustic guitar, basic budget drum set, Roland Octopad percussion, Rhode NT1, Shure SM57s, SM58.
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Self Reflections

album: reflections vol. 1
Credits: Words and music by Bryan Baker © 2018, published by Blind Mime Music, ASAP. All rights reserved.

This began life while playing around with a newly download freeware synth plugin called Podolski which is made by the folks at u-he. After coming up with the initial pad track I tried a couple acoustic guitars mostly split left and right... mostly. The right bass took several hours of trial, but I finally arrived at something from Synthmaster 2.9. I'd been working on an album tentatively called "reflections vol. 1" and so I rolled that idea around. The idea simmered for a few hours until I finally picked up pen and paper. Funny how it comes together once that happens. After the first verse was written, a notification popped up on my phone and I just glanced at it. It was a someone quoting James Baldwin and somehow it fit nicely with the second verse and gave it stronger direction, I think. After the vocal, I added a second synth track from Podolski to complicate the harmonics just a bit.

genre: Electronic Pop
streams: 188

New photos in threads roll past out of mind
My mixed emotions begin to unwind
Another memory somewhere without me
She poses in mirrors for all eyes to see

Can't believe what you say -- I see what you do
I jump to conclusions, but what does that prove?
So maybe I cry all alone in the dark
Because my reflections don't quite hit the mark

Could it be true I'm lost without you
And you've somehow found the passion of youth?
The passion of dancing alone in a crowd
Embracing the sounds that spin you around

But come Monday morning the traffic is dense
My spirit is broken, it's shattered and tense
It's so complicated, my thread's in a knot
The rear view reflection is all that I've got

It's so complicated, my thread's in a knot
The rear view reflection is all that I've got
Self Reflections