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Hello, I'm Bryan Baker. I flirted with music and recording when I was a kid. Experimenting with portable reel-to-reel recorders, then doing 8-track collages and silly kid stuff. Got my first 4-track in college and soon after found Option Magazine around 1983. A few years later I started publishing a zine called GAJOOB featuring home recording artists. I never talked much about my own recordings in the zine, but I like making everything from rock songs to crazy sound experiments. I do a lot of the latter at I'm just getting into Logic Pro now and still exploring and having fun. Hit me up for a collaboration or something. You'll find me on Apple Music and elsewhere as Blind Mime Ensemble. 

MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, iOS apps, lots of soft synths, Korg Wavestate, Arturia Microfreak, Native Instruments Komplete Collectors License, Burns London Steer electric guitar, StingRay Classic Ray24 Bass, Yamaha acoustic guitar, basic budget drum set, Roland Octopad percussion, Rhode NT1, Shure SM57s, SM58.
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Category: songwriting

Loopers and Songwriting

By homemademusic, 2018-09-05
Loopers and Songwriting

I find working with loopers can be a helpful tool for songwriting.

Check it out on Amazon .


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Finding Old Lyric Scraps

By homemademusic, 2018-09-01
Finding Old Lyric Scraps

This morning I was looking for my clipboard so I could fill out a jury notice I received in the mail yesterday.

It was on top of a stack of old mail which is sitting on a table in my bedroom which holds a rack of old outboard effects and whatnot. Clipped to the clipboard is roughly 25 sheets of ruled paper, the top paper consisting of the start of a song; one verse (pictured).

The lyric reads:

So sad, so sad
I'm so sad
Don't know if I
Can be the same again
Oh, please, Lord, send him back

Judging from the chords notated above the lines, I was most likely writing and singing this on guitar, but I don't really recall doing this. My memory is not full of detailed, linear scenes from the past. It's more like brief flashes that might piece together to form a slice of time.

So this lyric could be one thing or it could be another; I'm not sure.

It could be written around the time I wrote Dear, Charlie. It could be about the same event, but from the perspective of a wife or lover losing a loved one to suicide. Charlie is words from a man taking his life to his child.

However, since it's on the clipboard, I think it was written at a later time and probably about something else. The inspiration behind a song often doesn't linger around, waiting for you to capture it. It's here and gone. You have to put in the work to keep it framed within the words of of song by completing the song.

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