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  • In the Studio: Creating “I’m Running”

    In the Studio: Creating “I’m Running”

    Garrett’s motivational speeches at work inspired the creation of “I’m Running.” Capturing snippets of his voice, the phrase “I’m Running” became a central theme. Using the Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II, several freeform beats were created around a minimal melody using a stock KO organ sample. The percussion and bass also utilized stock KO samples.…

  • Twilight’s Echoes Of Wonder

    Twilight’s Echoes Of Wonder

    Instruments: Klevgrand Tomofon, Tapegerm Source Audio © Brian F Baker | Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP This track was created for the Electronic Cottage compilation project, The Vision of Twilight, curated by Chris Phinney of Harsh Reality Music. I took my initial inspiration from the Gamegerm project at Tapegerm where you are given a…

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