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About Homemade Music

By: homemademusic
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About Homemade Music

Homemade Music was started by GAJOOB Magazine's Bryan Baker (that's me) in 1999. At that time I wanted to have a niche site filled with albums by the home recording artists I was featuring in GAJOOB. It was fun for a while, but real life took a turn and I took a few years away from music to pick up the pieces. At least as many as I could. I'm still trying to do that, to be honest.

Now I've picked up this piece and I'm spending more time here. To me, Homemade Music is just something I love to do. I love making a good song and I love just playing around and exploring without structure. I also love connecting with other people into recording and collaborating on things.

So that's sort of what this site will be about -- just a place to hang out and play around with creating music. There's already a lot of cool things we can do. Share video, post stems or loops maybe; and songs of course. I'll be blogging and vlogging. Personally, I've never gone too far into the technical details of software, DAWs, MIDI and all that. I just go by feel. But if you're into technical you can get on a box here and talk shop as much as you like. It's all good. I do like to read about it all.

So please join in if you're home recording. I guess most musicians are these days. It's now the thing. It came true. Home recording killed the music industry. But now it's something different and I think it could be for the better if we decide to make it better.


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