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SynthMaster 50% OFF 2 Days Only

By: homemademusic
Posted in: Synthesizers
SynthMaster 50% OFF 2 Days Only

KV331 Audio's awesome wavetable and virtual synths, SynthMaster One and SynthMaster 2.8 are available for 50% (with extra discounts available if you subscribe to their email newsletter and try their demo). So for around $60 you can have two gargantuan sonic tools at your disposal. Includes 1800 or so presets too. And if you're a glutton for presets, you can double that number by purchasing their Everything Bundle which packs all available affiliated 3rd Party sound packs, plus the two synths for a little shy of $200. Sweet deals!

I recommend the bundle here:https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterstandardbundle.aspx


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