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Call For Submissions: Cartwheels Album Project

user image 2021-06-11
By: homemademusic
Posted in: Projects
Call For Submissions: Cartwheels Album Project

A close friend's mother passed away from COVID this year and among the outpouring of well-wishes someone in the family said something that stuck with me. She had been struggling with health issues for some time, confined to a wheel chair and oxygen, long prior to contracting the virus and someone said that, "Connie must be doing cartwheels in heaven."

So this project is a tribute to Connie and others we lost during our recent year-long hardships. Create a track with this as your inspiration. I will eventually assemble an album entitled Cartwheels for release on GAJOOB.ORG's Bandcamp. In addition to uploading an mp3 here on Tapegerm, please send a WAV file via WeTransfer to bb@gajoob.org if you would like to be considered for inclusion on the Bandcamp album released on the GAJOOB label.

All kinds of styles and genres will be considered, instrumental and vocal. Please limit track length to 5 minutes.

Thank you for contributing!


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