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Category: Synthesizers

MorphSound (Reaktor Instrument)

By homemademusic, 2019-05-04
MorphSound (Reaktor Instrument)

C&S present another great sample based instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor including 100 presets. This one is playable via keyboard or any other MIDI input and makes morphing / modulating Atmo, Chord, Bass, FX and Lead sounds.

The morphing is controlled by an LFO and can be synced to your DAW. The instrument´s heart is a controllable granular sampler and features a spectral stereo equalizer plus two effects (Delay, Reverb).

So the presets can be changed in many ways though you instantly can start without any tweaking to easily produce music ranging from Deep House to Ambient right away.


Spitfire Audio LABS Series

By homemademusic, 2019-02-16
Spitfire Audio LABS Series

The Spitfire Audio LABS programme is an infinite series of software instruments, free and easy to use; made by musicians in London for anyone, anywhere. We release one every month, as well as a bimonthly creative compendium, The Notebook. And in case you missed it, they are all FREE.


SynthMaster 50% OFF 2 Days Only

By homemademusic, 2017-11-29
SynthMaster 50% OFF 2 Days Only

KV331 Audio's awesome wavetable and virtual synths, SynthMaster One and SynthMaster 2.8 are available for 50% (with extra discounts available if you subscribe to their email newsletter and try their demo). So for around $60 you can have two gargantuan sonic tools at your disposal. Includes 1800 or so presets too. And if you're a glutton for presets, you can double that number by purchasing their Everything Bundle which packs all available affiliated 3rd Party sound packs, plus the two synths for a little shy of $200. Sweet deals!

I recommend the bundle here:https://www.synthmaster.com/synthmasterstandardbundle.aspx