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I'm a full time Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, EDM, Dubstep and almost-any-genre-you-can-imagine producer. Been used to stay between the EDM and the Hip Hop scenes . I started making beats back in 2008 or something like this. I started making as a joke uploading some of that beats to HHGroups , honestly at that time I were used to love that website.

They helped me a lot to gain online recognition in Spain (it was kinda the spanish SoundClick) and I were topping their charts again and again. They had to limit the number of beats charting by producer, and I still think that it was because of me. I specially remember one day when I woke up and saw that 9 of my beats were in their overwhelmed top 10. That was crazy hahahaha

Now I spend my time with my pets, my girlfriend and making the kind of music I'd like to hear and I'm glad for that.

See you soon! (:

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genre: Glitch Hop