Top 10 Unconventional Instruments for Home Studios

In the world of home studios, creativity knows no bounds. Musicians are constantly pushing the envelope, seeking out fresh sounds and innovative ways to make their mark in the music industry. One approach is through the use of unconventional instruments, which can add a unique edge to your home recordings. This article explores ten such exotic musical tools that you can incorporate into your production process.

1. Theremin

The theremin is an early electronic instrument, controlled without physical contact by the thereminist. Its eerie, ethereal sound makes it perfect for creating otherworldly effects.

2. Hang Drum

The Hang Drum, or ‘Hang’, is a unique percussion instrument that produces soothing, bell-like tones. It’s a relatively new instrument that can provide a distinctive sound in your home studio.

3. Didgeridoo

This wind instrument, indigenous to the Aboriginal people of Australia, produces a deep, resonant sound. The didgeridoo can add an earthy and organic feel to your tracks.

4. Waterphone

A waterphone is a type of inharmonic acoustic percussion instrument. It consists of a stainless steel resonator bowl with a cylindrical neck and bronze rods of different lengths around the rim of the bowl. When played with a bow, it creates hauntingly beautiful sounds.

5. Musical Saw

Yes, an actual saw! When played with a bow, the saw produces a surprisingly melodic, eerie sound. It’s been used in everything from folk music to horror movie soundtracks.

6. Stroh Violin

A Stroh violin is a type of stringed instrument that is mechanically amplified by a metal resonator and horn attached to its body. The result is a raw, nasally violin sound that could be just what your mix is missing.

7. Ondes Martenot

Used extensively in film scores and avant-garde music, the Ondes Martenot is an early electronic instrument known for its eerie wavering notes. It’s like a theremin, but with more control.

8. Chapman Stick

The Chapman Stick is a unique stringed instrument designed as a fully polyphonic chordal instrument that can cover several musical parts at once. It’s a versatile tool that can add depth to your recordings.

9. Glass Armonica

Invented by Benjamin Franklin, the glass armonica is played by rubbing glass bowls with wet fingers to create ethereal, choir-like sounds. It’s rare, but can add an indescribable quality to your tracks.

10. Otamatone

This Japanese electronic musical synthesizer, known for its cute design and distinct sound, can add a playful and eclectic tone to your music.


Incorporating unconventional instruments into your home studio repertoire can help you push the boundaries of your music and stand out from the crowd. They can introduce new textures and tones into your work, keeping your sound fresh and exciting. Remember, the key to great music isn’t always about having the most expensive gear or the latest technology. Sometimes, it’s about exploring the world of exotic music and finding beauty in the unexpected. So why not give these instruments a try and see where your creativity takes you?





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