Updating OP-1 Field Firmware

Teenage Engineering recently released a new update for its OP-1 Field workstation which includes a couple significant improvements. Namely, touch sensitivity and a new vocoder. We must upgrade yesterday.

How To Do It

Access te-boot

The bootloader in OP-1 is called te-boot. It loads and runs the OP-1 firmware, and is also used for firmware update and factory reset, as well as for certain hardware tests and diagnostics.

The latest firmware can be found HERE.

To access te-boot do this:

  1. make sure OP-1 is off
  2. disconnect any usb cable and wait three seconds
  3. hold the COM key while powering up

The process from here is guided by instructions on the OP-1 itself at this point, but here’s what happens.

Firmware/Softare Updates and Installations

  1. access te-boot
  2. press 1
  3. connect OP-1 to your computer using the usb cable. the OP-1 will appear as a removable disk on your computer
  4. copy the firmware file to the removable disk
  5. eject the removable disk

Almost immediately after ejecting the disk the OP-1 bootloader will go to work, updating your OP-1’s firmware and updating/installing any software that requires it.

Note: if it doesn’t work then try using different usb cables, as well as different computers if possible.






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