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AKI-RA sunrise 自作水楽器 波動太鼓(HADOURUM)(旧ウキドラム)による即興演奏。
Impovisation Performance by AKI-RA sunrise with self made water instruments called HADOURUM!!!


These materials are from bowys and Stainless bowl.
He is making Hadouram by several materials.

即興演奏家 Aki-ra Sunrise
Official WebSite



地球上の7割は水 人間の成人は約7割が水。
水が意識状態、波動によって結晶構造が変わるという事実(江本勝 著『水は答えを知っている』)に出会って以来、 水の波動の変化を体感できる楽器 波動太鼓(ハドウラム)が生まれた。



Aki-ra Sunrise

born and raised in Kyoto.
my introduction to music was Wadaiko, the Japanese Drums, and was inspired with its deep sound.
started Drum set in High School, then met Djembe while traveling in Spain,
realising the possibilities of people connecting through music despite the race, language, or culture.
ever since, my journey started; looking to find the sound that touches my soul.

"Sound has no border"

"We are made of Water"

70% of the Earth is water, and so are we.

inspired by the work of Dr. Emoto Masaru, who presented the affect of vibration or consciousness
which changes the shape of water crystals, born was the Hadouram, letting the audience feel the change of water vibrations.
re-directing our eyes or ears to its simple beauty and playfulness of the Water.

my most recent work includes the sound used in the Korean Expo,
as well as Pre-natal Music, and Sound Healing Workshops.

internationally traveling for performance such as Sound Installation in France,
opening act for the Environmental Art Residence Project in Cameroon,
tours in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaidzhan, name a few.

collaborating with Yoga,MASSAGE,Butoh Dancers, Belly Dancers, Fire Dancers, and Painters.
on- going in act, searching for the possibilities, origin, and principles of the Sound and Instruments.
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Duration: 00:03:50
one step forward and two back today
Category: Music
Duration: 00:06:34
Rudden+Bridge | Songwriters

Collaborating on their very first song, 'Calling [March, 2012]

Producer/Songwriter, Stephen 'Beanz' Rudden and Singer/Songwriter, Loz Bridge found each other on LinkedIn after Beanz posted a 'call to action' to gifted and talented musicians to join him in a collaborative music venture. Loz drove up from Bristol to meet and work with Beanz in his Hertfordshire-based home studio in the hopes of creating something amazing. This isn't about one person and their songwriting gift, it's about a collective of musicians and/or singers working together to create something magical.

My Thoughts: Songwriting

If you're waiting for inspiration, you may never write a song. Songwriting can be stressful and hard work ~ you need to put in the work if you're going to write great songs. Change of pace + change of place = change of perspective. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to partner with an innovative and talented musician is a way to stretch your creative muscle. It takes you away from the predictable norm and places you in a mindset for inspiration.

I believe the best songs are written in collaboration. Every writer has a their own strengths, whether it's melody, harmony, lyrics, or arrangement. It can be difficult to agree on ideas but that very tension results in stronger songs. Collaboration also fosters a team mentality in your songwriting. This isn't about one person and their songwriting gift, it's about a collective of musicians and/or singers working together to create something magical.

Stay tuned to watch the process of songwriting from beginning to end...enjoy the journey!
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Duration: 00:07:14
Hey guys, this is a video I made of my home studio! I go through all my instruments, equiptment and software I use to make my music.

My instruments are:
Yamaha Motif xs6 (Keyboard)
Yamaha F310 (Acoustic Guitar)
Jackson (Electric Guitar)

My Equipment Includes:
KRK Rokit 5's (Monitors)
M-audio Fast Track Pro (Audio Interface)
Behringer Ultragain Pro (Pre amp)

My Microphones:
Apex 460 (Condenser)
Shure SM57 (Dynamic)

Adobe Audition 3.0.1
Izotope Ozone 4

Thanks For Watching!
Category: Music
Duration: 00:16:30
Home Studio Build GoPro Hero2 time lapse framing, electrical, sound dampening, drywall, painting, hardwood floors, equipment and custom desk
video created using 10 second time lapse function then played back at 30fps, comprised of over 38,000 individual pictures
Category: Music
Duration: 00:00:46
Here's the official Homemade Music coffee mug to fuel your inspiration for those long home recording sessions.

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