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Homemade Music is about home recording as art, fun and vocation. I’m Bryan Baker, publisher of GAJOOB, a magazine featuring independent musicians since the mid-1980’s. This website has taken a few different approaches since I started it in 1999, evolving into more of a personal exploration of whatever my current state of the art is in 2023. So I talk about my studio and gear, keeping an eye on the latest stuff, while reaching out to other artists and spotlighting creative activities. You’ll also find lots of projects in which to participate.

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  • Martin Goldmann’s Ambient Moods

    Martin Goldmann’s Ambient Moods

    Martin Goldmann is a German electronic artist with a blog and youtube channel where he writes and talks about synthesizers and creating beautiful ambient music. I like Martin’s easy-going personality and his videos are often laced with dollops of humor (see the recent spit-take that prefaces his opinion on the OP-1 Field’s pricing). i recommend […]

  • Youtube Channel Review: Blezz Beats

    Youtube Channel Review: Blezz Beats

    Blezz Beats is a swedish electronic/beats producer who features his Maschine in videos and course such as his Maschine Noobs Mastering School. He also offers a bunch of cool plugins and such on his website, along with activities artists can participate in. Recent video topics in April 2022 were: Live Soundation Collaboration (Soundation is Blezz’s […]

  • A Look Back at the Homemade Music Shop

    A Look Back at the Homemade Music Shop

    The following is the artist index from homemademusic.com circa the year 2000. The links go to the Wayback Machine. Amanita Music‘s Joseph Benzola is an independent multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in New York. He does not conform to one discipline, idiom, or theory, but embraces all types of musics and playing philosophies. Areknuteketyrne recordings are […]

  • Welcome to Homemade Music

    Welcome to Homemade Music

    I’ve taken this website into a new direction starting in May 2022. It started out as an offshoot of GAJOOB Magazine and was a shop for home recordings for several years. It’s more or less been in limbo, aggregating videos and other content about making music in home studios. I’ve wiped it all clean to […]


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