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  • Exploring the DIY Culture: The Evolution and Influence of Homemade Music

    Exploring the DIY Culture: The Evolution and Influence of Homemade Music

    The DIY music scene has always been a hotbed for creativity and innovation. The rise of homemade music, fueled by advancements in technology and the desire for self-expression, has changed the landscape of the music industry. This article will delve into the evolution of homemade music, the influences that have shaped it, and the impact…

  • Conversations With AI, Part 1

    Conversations With AI, Part 1

    What do you think about experimental music? I think experimental music is an incredibly innovative and creative outlet for self-expression. It allows artists to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sound and explore uncharted sonic territories. Experimental music can be thought-provoking, inspiring, and emotionally resonant – making it a great choice for creating unique…

  • My Studio In 2022

    My Studio In 2022

    Since my daughter moved out I’ve been arranging my recording studio in my little duplex apartment. I rented out a storage unit to house and organize all the cassettes, CD’s, zines and other things sent to me for review in GAJOOB. It’s a lot, and freeing up that space allows me to work toward an…

  • A Look Back at the Homemade Music Shop

    A Look Back at the Homemade Music Shop

    The following is the artist index from circa the year 2000. The links go to the Wayback Machine. Amanita Music‘s Joseph Benzola is an independent multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in New York. He does not conform to one discipline, idiom, or theory, but embraces all types of musics and playing philosophies. Areknuteketyrne recordings are…

  • Welcome to Homemade Music

    Welcome to Homemade Music

    I’ve taken this website into a new direction starting in May 2022. It started out as an offshoot of GAJOOB Magazine and was a shop for home recordings for several years. It’s more or less been in limbo, aggregating videos and other content about making music in home studios. I’ve wiped it all clean to…

Homemade Music is a blog by Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker) of GAJOOB Zine. It’s been revamped a few times since its start in 1999. I mostly write and talk about recording for fun in my home studio.


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